Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Japanese Cuisine

So many things have been said about Japanese Cuisine that are just not true. Most people think that the Japanese eat nothing but raw fish and tofu all day everyday. That is just retarded... I think that if people had an open mind about food and they promised themselves that they would try new things they would learn that there are certain things they don't like, BUT at the same time they will find themselves discovering their New Favorite foods. You should try thinking this way in different areas of your life. Don't be so Boring!
This pictured above is my most favorite Japanese food to date, Yakiniku. This meat dish is usually served with fresh white rice and o-tsuke mono(Fixins, Side items usually pickled veggies) . The best thing is that the meat cooks quickly because it is cut very thin. This allows you to dip the meat in the sauce and enjoy all the saucy goodness. If you live in the big cities of America or if you are a foreign national in Japan, TRY THIS FOOD. you will probably compare the cooked meat you eat to this dish once you have had it.
I know this one was short but I usually do this when I have down time and since I am new to the whole Blogging thing I will try to devote more time to it.

More To Come.

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  1. Hi,
    I'm from Singapore. Love Japanese food. Can't read Japanese. Would love to learn to make sushi, which I suppose is the easiest of Japanese dishes? :)