Tuesday, March 17, 2009

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The main purpose in me starting this blog is because there are so many rumors about Japan and so many are true. The other purpose is to stop the Bad rumors about Japan. This Blog will try and send you to the Land of the Rising Sun in Text form. I have never done a blog before so I am going to do the best I can to make it fun and entertaining.
This picture is of my parents apartment in Japan and what I have seen there. If you can believe it the place was only about 750 square feet or Less. The thing is, that 750 is with 3 bedrooms, no living room, a small dinning room and kitchen and a very small bathroom. Some apartments I know of are about 100 square feet TOTAL. that is your bedroom, living room, dinning room, and kitchen all in one, and a small bathroom connected to it. These people just do what they can with the space. The many people in Japan have to live this way is that the inner city has to many people living there and not enough space. Don't get me wrong, there are lots of open areas in Japan. I have gone camping in the mountain regions of Ibaraki and there are wide open fields and tons of forests and woods all over. But closer to the city of Tokyo there is nothing but streets,towering building, and lots and lots of people, cars, motor scooters and bicycles. So if you really want to take a look at this busy little street in Ueno:

Or this nice "little" crosswalk in down town SHIBUYA

Yeah it's that crowded!
My favorite movie quote about Japanese living was on the Film "Gung Ho"
The main character says "In Japan you are never alone, you go to put your pants on and there is someone in there with you." If you have not already seen this movie, GO Watch it. It will really show you what Japan is like. And they pretty much are like that still today. well I think this is a good stopping point for the Blog. I want to start doing more when it comes to the Internet. I was thinking about starting a Podcast and Twittering a lot more. I hope you enjoy the Blog. I will end each one by writing.

More To Come.

P.S. Check out the website www.engrish.com yeah that's right ENGRISH. this site is so funny. If you know anything about the Japanese or even if you just want to see some of the funny Japanese products, it is to funny.

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